Workplace Bullying Education for Unions

Custom Speeches, Seminars, Workshops

Awareness Raising Speeches

2 hours; Half-day; Full-day


A rousing, spirited introduction to the topic led by WBI Speakers, the nation’s top advocate against workplace bullying, who taps workers’ outrage over the existence of abusive work practices and ends with a call to action by the union on behalf of members. The Workplace Bullying Institute is the home of the U.S. anti-bullying movement in operation since mid-1997, longer than anyone else in North America. Dr. Gary Namie is available upon request.

Topics include special features of bullying related to Unions, profiles of perpetrators and targets, origins based on personality and work environment, witnesses and non-responsive coworkers, solutions for unions, and public policy reform initiatives.

Watch the speech sampler of Dr. Gary Namie.

Workplace Bullying Recognition & Coaching Skills for Reps and Stewards

Half-day or Full-day

A workshop that equips front-line advocates to effectively recognize bullying and to support emotionally wounded members without harming themselves, and to compel employer action in malicious incidents of psychological violence.

Praise for Speeches

Gary’s style is absolutely electric! The campus so appreciated all of your hard work, and your powerful message; words cannot express how overwhelmed I was with both the content and quality of your presentation.

Jackie Gilbert, Ph.D., Professor of Management, Middle Tennessee University

He gives valuable personal, team and institutional solutions to this problem. His session was the most popular session in the conference and we’ve brought him back for a repeat performance!

Terry Swain, Western Conference on Safety, Vancouver, BC

The reaction from attendees was overwhelmingly positive. Dr. Gary’s session was relevant, timely and professional. We meeting planners were criticized because we didn’t┬ádevote more time┬áto his presentation.

Michael W. McLaughlin, Boston Teachers Union

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