Train a Team of Union Members
to Combat Workplace Bullying
of Fellow Sisters and Brothers

Unions Take Charge of Bullies and Bullying!

While employers engage in denial and delay regarding workplace bullying, Union members are hurting, literally. They are suffering stress-related diseases and emotional injuries — high blood pressure, coronary disease, ulcers, depression, PTSD — from the personalized assaults, a non-physical form of violence that creates more harm than illegal forms of harassment. Unions can implore the employers to act, but cannot compel them to do something positive. Employers do not hate workplace bullying. Some love it. It is a default management style. Unions alone can become the experts.

Therefore, it is up to Unions themselves to help their members help themselves. We first created Expert Teams for two teachers’ unions eager to support their members under attack. They became the model.

WBI-trained members become the leaders for your Union’s anti-bullying campaign.

Said a recent participant in WBI training …

“Without exaggeration, the Workplace Bullying University was the best training I have attended in my twenty-three years as a both a union attorney and union representative. While Dr. Namie’s knowledge of workplace bullying is encyclopedic, he is able to present this information with incredible clarity and passion. This is a graduate level course and, at the end of it, a union or legal professional will be well prepared and have the material resources to provide help to targets of workplace bullying. I cannot give high enough praise to the Workplace Bullying Institute.”

Eric F., Uniserv Rep, Connecticut Teachers Association

Beginning May 2020 until further notice, all training will be conducted live and online, without travel, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Download the justification for funding by your Union’s E-Board.

1. On-Site 3-day Workplace Bullying University® for Your Local

Started in 2008 by the Workplace Bullying Institute founders, University is an immersion in all aspects of bullying. The program includes all presentation materials your Local needs to train all members to recognize bullying and how and why it must be stopped. University includes a library of 420 research articles and over 65 hours of audio and video to complete the take-home learning.

The on-site version of University prepares the Union to take care of its own. To stop the suffering. Stop waiting on the employer to act.

How Trained Union Teams Can Serve Members

• Be the go-to source of information on the topic of workplace bullying

• Clarify and validate experiences of those who think they are bullied

• Triage and refer emotionally hurt members to professionals for help

• Serve as educators/trainers

• Intervene in bullying incidents

• Devise unique ways to achieve restorative justice for aggrieved members

• On-site training for a team of up to 30 members: $10,000 + travel (more for larger groups) Call 360-656-6630.

2. 3-day Training (public session) — Workplace Bullying University®

The program and all presentation materials delivered at your Local. Designate a team of experts to train members to teach others, to triage members experiencing severe emotional distress, to serve as a resource to union colleagues, to identify legal and mental health professionals who understand bullying to assist members, to become interveners.

• Send Officers, Reps, Stewards $2,000 tuition for Union attendees (less than the corporate rate) or send 3 Reps for $5,500 to the next regularly scheduled Workplace Bullying University session. Read the details about University training.

See the Unions we have proudly helped

More Praise from Workplace Bullying University® Union Graduates

“Gary is brilliant, charismatic and thoughtful. He keeps the group connected through his experiences and knowledge. As an experienced trade unionist, I’ve received training on many workplace issues. Finally — now — I have the tools to address one of the most rampant and harmful workplace problems of all — bullying. I’m grateful to have the tools to achieve a psychologically healthy and safe workplace!” Denise N

“The training was extraordinary and much more than I expected. It’s rare to see such dedication and passion with this type of training. The research compilation and the precise organization of the materials is just what a left brain thrives on” >
Cynthia P, SEIU DLC President

“The most informative, delightful training I have received in 40 years. Dr. Namie’s is knowledgeable and also cares deeply about employees who are bullied. His sense of humor kept it fun.”
Dana M

“This is the best training I have attended in my 22 years of being a union advocate.”

Judy C. AFSCME, Council 5

“Workplace Bullying University marries research with application, creating a principled approach to intervention and change on a systemic level. Topics are aimed at building upon the strengths of participants in an atmosphere of mutual respect and sharing.”
Greg Sorozan, National Vice President, NAGE

“The class gave me a broader understanding of the bullying work environment, the target, the bully and learning ways to help and to curtail the behavior. Dr. Namie is a top notch presenter who easily rolls with the group using wit while knowing his topic thoroughly.”
Scott B

“The Namies enable us to start changing our perspective of what bullying really is all about: brutal, systematic psychological torture. As a union activist, I have been dealing with bullying for years. With these tools, we can start changing the tide; we can better protect our coworkers and stand up for our collective right to a safe, healthy and violence-free workplace.”

Denis St.Jean, Nat’l H & S Officer, PSAC

“The information given to me was phenomenal. It opened my eyes to do more research and to read great books so that I can share the information with anyone who feels like they are being bullied.” Shunta G

“University is definitely worth attending. I have been involved in this movement since 1992 and learned a lot more than I ever expected. In addition, we were all pampered for the whole weekend while exercising our brains! I came home with 23 pounds of information to add to what I already had here. Workplace Bullying is the #1 issue to Union members and stewards at shop floor level. Gary and Ruth Namie are the premiere leaders, educators and researchers in this field. There is no better training source.”

Carol F. AFGE (Ret.)

“Having attended WBU was by far, one of the best educational decisions of my professional career.”

Laurie S.B., AFGE President

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