Train a Team of Union Members
to Serve Members as Experts in Workplace Bullying

Unions Can Help Themselves

While employers engage in denial and delay regarding workplace bullying, Union members are hurting, literally. They are suffering stress-related diseases and emotional injuries from the personalized assaults, a non-physical form of violence that creates more harm than illegal forms of harassment. Unions can implore the employers to act, but cannot compel them to do something positive. Retaliation usually results.

Therefore, it is up to Unions themselves to help their members help themselves. We first created Expert Teams for two teachers' unions eager to support their members under attack. They became the model.

Our Training to Teach Experts is called Workplace Bullying University®

Started in 2008 by the Workplace Bullying Institute founders, University is a 3-day immersion in the topic. The program includes all presentation materials your Local needs to train all members and the community. It includes a library of research articles and over 50 hours of audio and video to complete the in-person sessions.

Services the Team Can Deliver

• Be the go-to source of information on the topic of workplace bullying
• Clarify and validate experiences of those who think they are bullied
• Triage and refer emotionally hurt members to professionals for help
• Serve as educators/trainers
• Intervene in bullying incidents
• Devise unique ways to achieve restorative justice for aggrieved members

Training Options

1. Members can attend Workplace Bullying University® offered quarterly in Bellingham, WA

Details about the training for professionals open to the public. Special Union tuition $3,100/pp (vs. 3,600 regular tuition)

2. University delivered onsite at your Local for the entire Team

Training for a minimum of 5 members (tuition drops to $2,000/pp). Deep discounts for larger groups. For example, train a Team of 10 for $15,000 (52% discount + no travel to Bellingham required). Scheduling: Friday evening, all day Saturday and Sunday.

Call 360-656-6630 to schedule training for your Expert Members Team